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Where can I get one?

Currently, they are available on eBay, we’ll update our site if more sites carry it.

How much are these?

$6 shipping included. Discounts start at a dozen.

Are you affiliated with the Ron Paul campaign, or this Ron Paul merchandise site?

Nope. We are not affiliated with anybody.

Well, what I meant to ask was, are any of your proceeds going to the campaign, or PAC?

No. We do not donate any monetary proceeds to any committee, candidate, campaign, charity. However, we may consider donating some free keychains to groups or sites.

How big is your keychain?

The rectangle itself is 6cm x 2.3cm, which is about 2.3″ x 0.9″, the ring hole is not included in the length. It’s not much bigger than most of your supermarket key tags. About the same size as your military doggy ID tag, or USB stick keychain.

What is it made of?

PVC, or what most call rubber.

Raised letters?

Yep, 3D.

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